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Project_Engineer.jpgProject Engineering is a further area of specialization within NEDA Engineering, where our main aim is to bridge the gap between Engineering and Project Management disciplines. This was achieved through intensive training of personnel within both disciplines. This has resulted in our Project Engineers and Project Managers now working together as a co-ordinated and integrated Team thus ensuring a high standard of design and management of our Clients Projects.

Our Project Engineers possess substantial subject matter expertise and project management know how which together with their leadership and decision making qualities impact positively on the overall performance of our Projects in all respects.

Our project engineers are the technical point of contact for all clients on a given project and will generate the necessary technical specifications required for a comprehensive project technical package.

Neda’s project engineering capabilities cover a wide area of engineering disciplines and industry processes which together with our knowledge of geographical nuances prevailing throughout Africa, enables us to produce front end and detail designs and specifications that satisfy both international standards as well as operational requirements experienced at grass root level in Africa.