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PMO.pngProject management has made huge advancements over the past 10 years. The profession is no longer a “nice to have” but has become an integral part in any performing business today. NEDA has embraced these changes and while having project managers and site managers, we have introduced and developed a Project Management Office (PMO).

The PMO has the responsibility to provide project management support functions to as far as being responsible for the direct management of a project. NEDA's PMO supplies the following support and services to our clients and projects:

  • Administrative support for the project managers and accurate document control
  • Collating and reporting project status to senior management.
  • Managing project documentation.
  • Promoting project management in the organisation.
  • Providing scheduling, estimating and risk management expertise to the projects and relevant managers.
  • Coordinating plans between projects and monitoring resource use.
  • Monitoring and reviewing project performance.
  • Quality monitoring and enforcement of relevant standards.
  • Advising project managers.
  • Recruiting, selecting and allocating project managers.
  • Recording, analysing and disseminating lessons learnt.
  • Financial control.

The purpose of the PMO is to be NEDA's centre of excellence and manage the company's projects to a high level of professionalism.




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