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001901jpv11Neda Engineering provides specialised services across industry in the various fields of engineering. Services provided are as follows;

Remnant Life Studies

Remnant life studies can be performed in order to determine the remaining life of equipment. Neda has a two phased approach that considers the remaining metallurgical life and remaining erosion/corrosion life measured against the relevant operating philosophy and parameters.
Failure Analysis
Neda investigates the origin and/or cause of failures in the field of structures, piping, pressurized-equipment, tanks and rotating equipment. Results are evaluated and relevant counter measures are recommended to our clients.
Fatigue Design
Fatigue is a phenomenon that is not often considered by designers. Neda engineers are highly experienced in this field and are able design replacement equipment or assess existing equipment to overcome fatigue related problems.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
Neda delivers the service of FEA to its clients by incorporating Autodesk’s Inventor and the FEA software known as ANSYS. With an understanding of the need to provide the latest in solutions to our clients we ensure that up to date software is utilized. Neda utilizes FEA in component analysis and design.
Mechanical Integrity Assessments
Mechanical Integrity Assessments are performed of existing facilities to give our clients a comprehensive idea of what the current integrity is of their pipes, pumps, structures, tanks, vessels, boilers and any other type of equipment within their facilities. Problem areas are highlighted and recommendations made.
Due Diligence Assessments
The assessment of a facility with the desire to purchase is not an easy task. With Neda’s experience in the mechanical engineering and petroleum industry we can offer a client a comprehensive assessment not only detail the inventory but give a thorough overview of the condition of the plant and equipment of the facility. An estimated budget to upgrade, replace or repair equipment is provided.
Lifting Equipment, Boiler and Pressure Vessel Management Services
In the ever changing industrial environment Neda has recently developed the service of Lifting Equipment and Pressure Vessel Management. Neda has developed a system of managing the maintenance, inspection and testing of a client’s lifting equipment, boilers and pressure vessels to comply with the relevant safety regulations.


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