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5702-1.jpgNon Destructive Testing is yet another division of NEDA Engineering. With over 20 years of experience across the industry, our technicians are qualified to level 2 in accordance with the requirements of ASME, BS, EN.

We provide Non Destructive Testing services in the following disciplines:

  • MPI – Magnetic Particle Testing (Colour contrast and fluorescent)
  • MFL – Magnetic Flux Leakage (Tank floors etc.)
  • UT – Ultrasonic Testing.
    • Flaw Detection.
    • Thickness Testing.
    • Continuous scanning of vessel and tank shells.
  • LPT – Liquid Penetrant Testing (Colour contrast and fluorescent)
  • RT – Radiographic Testing.
    • Radiographic inspections for welded components in all industries using various techniques in accordance with BS, EN and ASME codes.
  • Hydraulic and Pneumatic Testing – As an inspection authority, NEDA advises and makes recommendations on the hydro testing of any pressure equipment such as air receivers, pumps and portable compressors.
  • Hardness testing of steel.
  • Holiday Tester.




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