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Mechanica575paintWith a large library of engineering literature and product catalogues Neda Engineering is able to provide solutions to any company across the full spectrum of the mechanical engineering discipline. Neda has had a large amount of experience in the industry and has provided quality services to the mining, sugar, petrochemical and various other industries Nationally and Internationally. Some of the areas which we specialise in but not limited to are:

Above and Below Ground Storage Tanks

NEDA Engineering is committed to provide a full spectrum of cost effective Storage Tank solutions in accordance with our client's specific requirements. Our designs conform to the highest international standards, and by utilizing programs such as AMETank and Tank 2014, NEDA Engineering provides unparalleled designs and drafting capabilities. We incorperate the latest  modular fabrication techniques to optimize fabrication and erection time of each individual Storage Tank.

NEDA mainly conforms to the following design standards:

  • API 620 - Design and Construction of Large, Welded, Low Pressure Tanks
  • API 650 - Design of Welded Steel Tanks For Oil Storage

Conveyor and Rotating Equipment

Neda Engineering is equipped with the latest in analysing software enabling us to accurately and efficiently provide solutions that suit any situation. The analysis software known as Helix forms part of Neda’s software profile and is one of the leading software packages in the line of conveyor design. Neda designs are done using Autodesk’s Inventor®. We have gone to great expense to have at our disposal the latest in engineering draughting software. Drawings are created with precision and in any accepted format such as dwg and dxf.
Neda Engineering generates designs strictly according to the latest design codes relevant to the design requirements.

All conveyor designs are performed in accordance with the latest versions of the ISO and CEMA International standard (Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Association) which ensures that designs and drawings are of a high standard, accepted internationally.

This does not mean that Neda is restricted to following the norm, Neda prides itself on having a creative environment within which its engineers work in order to provide its clients with the most efficient, practical and cost effective solutions. Our area of expertise include;

  • Belt conveyors .
  • Screw conveyors .
  • Slat conveyors (Carriers).
  • Rotary coolers.
  • Trouble shooting and assessing existing equipment.

Pressure Vessels
Neda Engineering has the capability and the competency for the design and analysis of pressure vessels in accordance with the latest in international design specifications.

  • Pressure vessels are designed by experienced engineers and supported by competent in-house draughting office. Neda is able to generate complete fabrication drawings in all the industries served.
  • An impressive library of computer software enables Neda to generate drawings with high degree of accuracy, efficiency and timeously. Neda utilizes COADE software known as PV Elite and PV Fabricator to complete these designs.
  • Pressure vessels are designed in accordance with international specifications, which include; ASME VIII Division 1 and 2, PD5500 (Formerly BS5500), AD Merkblatter and EN13445.
  • Neda performs recertification of existing and in-service pressure vessels.
  • Recertification’s are performed by experienced in-house engineers and technicians trained in Ultrasonic Testing including detailed data packs.
  • The final data pack contains the certificate of the certified vessel in accordance with Occupational Health and Safety Regulations.
  • Inspections of pressure vessels are performed by our in-house Competent Persons (CP) and Inspector of Pressurized Equipment (IPE). These procedures are carried out on site as part of the requirements by the standard codes mentioned above and in accordance with the Pressure Equipment Regulations.




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