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QualityDefinitionThe policy of Neda Engineering Group is one of excellence with respect to quality as it relates to its own internal process, customers business, in order to maintain a reputation of integrity, honesty and quality consciousness.

To ensure high levels of workmanship, professional practices and accuracy of the test results. We follow quality procedures, relevant standards and/or Client's specifications using well maintained and calibrated equipment.

The policy is implemented by recruiting and developing staff of high calibre who work in accordance with the best practice of their professional disciplines, referring to standards, codes and professional guidelines. Staff are provided with adequate training and contribute to the development of others directly through means of academic or professional institutions. In all instances, personnel consider the most up to date philosophy of quality and apply current standards through implementation of documented procedures developed from quality manuals which are prefaced by this policy statement and ensure that the requirements of the relevant standard and regulations are met.

It is with the personal commitment of the Directors to quality, that Neda will sustain commercial and technical success and continuously improve the service. The directors are fully committed to ensure that this policy is adhered to and shall endeavour to provide the necessary guidance and instructions to all employees in order that this policy will be implemented on a group wide basis.
As part of the Company’s commitment to continual improvement, the management will be committed to impartiality between all departments. Each department will have a separate, departmental manager who is responsible to ensure that decisions of their peers are not influenced by other personnel or departments within the group or external parties.
Neda shall ensure that the staff of the inspection Authority shall observe confidentiality with regard to all information gained while carrying out their duties, except with regard to the regulatory authority under whose auspices the AIA Work. Personnel, internal and external, are required to reveal any situation known to them that may expose them or the company to a conflict of interest. Threats of impartiality shall be evaluated and controlled by management.
In order to meet and maintain the registration requirements of the South African National Accreditation System, the Occupational Health and Safety Act no 85 of 1993 and Mines and Health and Safety act no. 29 of 1996 are adhered to.