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evironmental.pngNEDA Engineering Engineers, Draughtsmen, NDT Technicians and Project Managers conduct non-destructive testing, general engineering, design and project management.

The employees and management of NEDA Engineering Group recognize their obligation to protect the environment in which the company operates. This obligation is reflected in the following:
NEDA Engineering Group shall:

  •  Maintain an Environmental Management System to suit our sphere of operation.
  •  Ensure environmental awareness amongst all employees and provide sufficient levels of training to allow them to meet their environmental responsibilities.
  •  Develop procedures to manage environmental impacts, normal or accidental, arising from company operations.
  •  Meet, and where reasonably practical, exceed the requirements of all applicable environmental legislation and regulations.
  •  Encourage suppliers, contractors and subcontractors to improve and practice high standards of environmental awareness.
  •  Undertake waste reduction, re-use and recycling activities wherever practical and improve the efficiency of energy use within the organization.
  •  Regularly review our environmental performance and that of our systems.
  •  Set objectives and work towards targets to ensure continual improvement in environmental performance.
  •  Communicate this policy throughout all levels of NEDA and make it available to the public on request.